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September 9, 2009


We are proud to announce the launch of our new website on the 9.9.2009 just in time for the Shanghai Contemporary art fair.

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August 11, 2009

June 19, 2009

Blogspot still BLOCKED!

Blogspot is still BLOCKED in China. Since we don't know for how much longer this nonsense is going on, stageBACK moved to it's own server with its own blog address. More from there soon!

June 2, 2009

April May Activities 2009

The month of April and May were busy busy busy for stage候台BACK and stage候台BACK artists all around the globe. Rolf A. Kluenter took an exhibition world tour to several countries in Europe and Bahrain and opened with 3 different group shows in Shanghai. Kristian v. Hornsleth moved on to Lausanne to take more blood. Sylvie Tillmann opened candyfloss overboard for the first time in Germany. Laurent Friquet had his gig at the Grand Palais in Paris. And myself had the pleasure to expose together with Philippe Assalit in Paris. Below lot's of picture footage about those related art events.

Laurent Friquet @ Grand Palais Paris @ FORCE DE L'ART 02

Sylvie Tillmann @ Teapot Cologne "candyfloss overboard"

Kristian v. Hornsleth in Lausanne / CH with Deep Storage Project.

Rolf A. Kluenter at the MoCA Shanghai Merging Emerging-Art, Utopia and Virtual Reality

Susanne Junker & Philippe Assalit Tete a Tete Acte2 Galerie Paris France


Thanks ICS TV 'city beats" for passing by today to film a show about the 5 Shanghai Germans exhibition
. 'City beats" is on air this Thursday on ICS TV Shanghai 20h - 21h, so stay tuned! And soon on video link on this blog.

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June 1, 2009

And the never ending ?


5 Shanghai Germans installation view

Lothar Spree
shanghai passage
voyage / dissolve
installation, video, 2 sequences
27 min + 42 min, loop, 2 screens
2 DVD player, text, dimensions vary

Rolf A. Kluenter
six steps registration overkill
installation, video, 2 min, loop
canvas, stencil, rubber stamps
screen, text, dimensions vary

Susanne Junker
- - - id - - -identity - proposition #1
work in progress
lambda print
dimensions vary


Roland Geissel
melusine - xujing
photography, object
oil paint, wax, wood
dimensions vary

Alexander Brandt
ephemeral structures
2005 – 2008
4 times 100 cm x 70 cm

Thanks to everyone who came out in the pouring rain to see and meet the 5 Shanghai Germans @ stage候台BACK on May 16th! Special thanks to the Bremer Ratskeller for the never ending flow of delicious wines. 5 Shanghai Germans - group show - Mai 16th - June 26 2009.

May 10, 2009

THAT'S Shanghai

" Thanks to THAT'S Shanghai for the full spread article on stageback "

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